Education and the Modernization

The essence of modernization and materialistic world has completely captured our mind and body so much that we don’t find anything real not even own identity. What we do is for others, we earn name and fame for sake of others. We keep our own motto of life at stake just for others and while doing all this activities; we forget that we have left far behind the reality of being human being who is only the best creature made by the God in the entire world who has got brain to think and differenciate between good and bad.

We all need motivation in our life. It must trigger at the right time and place. Motivation doesn’t mean that hurting others gain the success. The whole meaning of success has completely been changed. At any cost, one needs success be it by following immoral activities. The competition has completely corrupted our thinking power.

From the early childhood, we sow the seed of being best among our children. We praise them if they defeat their colleagues and boost up their false ego. The parents stand in a long queue and try their best to get the admittance of their dear ones in the best institution. It is simply na├»ve to grade the schools according to their fame. No education place can be graded good or bad. School’s job is to provide education. Those famous schools will only allow the admittance of the outstanding students. Other students who cannot afford to get admitted in big schools and are weak studies are neglected. Good is always good. There is high need to focus to improve those who are weak. The correct motivation can completely change their identity and they can prove themselves best among the worst. Instead of doing this, we compare their skill to others which leads to the discouragement and they never feel confident. In reality, most of the biggest institution school’s reputation and pride can be easily seen on the local streets smoking, drinking and involved in different illegal activities from school level just nearby the school. All the slogans which promise to make a better individual and to give proper education to the children go in vain after seeing them drunk and roaming around the road. The school just seem to be concerned with the heafty sum of money collected from the poor parents.

Our grand parents they have studied in the simple school but still we find those people very much down to earth and are really the intellectuals. They read without any sophisticated tools and the classrooms yet they never lag behind. The main thing at that time was the teachers tried to make them a better individual. They use to provide spiritual lessons along with the text books to purify their soul rather than the recent show off in schools. There was balance between both text and spiritual learning. There was a strict discipline for everybody.

At that time the students use to get proper learning from both home and the school. Parents were supposed to be the first teacher. Mother use to give full time in taking care of the children no matter how big is the family. But now from the infant stage the parent’s position was taken by the baby sitters and maid. Poor children are not brought to this world with charm, instead, treated as a hurdle in the path of career of the parents. The outcome is children are deprived of the motherly and fatherly love which harms the child’s psychology and take them to the path of drug addiction.

This is a serious matter. Both parents and teachers must be involved and focused in building a better individual rather than teaching the lesson of competition to our children. We must teach our children the lesson of humanity. Always remember better human will only build the better world!

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