The Value of Education and Finishing Something You Started

The value of education sometimes is highly underrated. Although school can be boring at times, important social structures can be made while attending either high school or college. These support systems are able to help one during time of excess stress, crisis or even personal problems that plague a person. School not only offers this benefit but allows one to be around others that are seeking something greater in life, and have a desire to achieve and reach for higher goals. If one can fit into the right social environment, rewards can be reaped that will last way beyond that of graduating and even up until retirement years.

After high school, many people seek a life for themselves if they do not choose to go to college. This life can be very hard with out a degree. It is not so much the paper, but when people see a college degree, it shows that the person is qualified to stick to a job and take it until completion; something that “learned laziness” prevents people from doing.

People learn to be lazy when they stop pursuing their goals, or worse yet, do not make any goals or have dreams that make them want to wake up to everyday. It is important to make a goal, and keep this goal until it has been reached. This is the art of finishing something. Again, completion of a college exemplifies this.

Another benefit of a structured institution is interaction with teachers. It is not a secret that teachers are highly underpaid, however, this can work in the students favor. Those who want to be there are there because of their inner desire to teach and get fulfillment from seeing students grasp onto information and apply it. The author does realize this is a Polly Anna way of looking the school system, however, it holds much truth. There are always those ill tempered teachers, but for the most part, teachers are there because they want to see you learn.

Finally, upon completion of a degree, self esteem and inner self-importance can rise to healthy levels. There are many roadblocks for those without a degree, but with this under your belt…The World is Yours!

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